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We are team of experienced NRCan Registered Energy Advisors helping homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient and applying for the rebate for energy efficient retrofits. We are team of NRCAN registered energy advisors who does EnerGuide home evaluation. An EnerGuide home evaluation can help you understand how your home uses energy now – and identify retrofits to help improve energy efficiency. An energy advisor will inspect your home from exterior and interior from basement to attic including garage (if connected with house). This will give you an EnerGuide rating for your home and an energy efficiency report to help you make decisions about possible upgrades.

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Frequently asked questions

  • An Energy audit will help to find out how the house is losing or gaining energy. After the energy audit, home owners will have good knowledge to make their home more energy efficient. Home inspection is more assessing the condition of the house.

  • No, you don’t have to be. Enbridge gas customers are eligible for up to $10,600 rebate while Non-Enbridge gas customers - primary owned residents can get up to $5,600 rebate.
  • Two. First energy audit before you start any renovation and second energy audit after you finish energy efficient retrofits..
  • Pre energy audit takes approximately. 1.5 hours and post energy audit takes approximately 45 minutes.

  • You can start renovation as soon as the energy audit is completed. You don’t need to wait for the reports

  • We are just one call/text away. For more information or to book an energy audit, please call or text us today 289-775-4171 or email us at info@greenhomeconsuling.ca
  • Yes, you can apply for the HER+ program. Just let your energy auditor know at the time of the second inspection. Energy auditor will do paper work for you.

  • Your first point of contact is the energy advisor who performed an energy audit at your place. If you are not able to contact the energy auditor, feel free to call us at 289-775-4171. We are happy to help you.

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